Block Building with Clara and Murch

Postdoc Researcher Clara joins Murch to discuss their block building research. They cover their proposal, which outlines suggested improvements to the current Bitcoin Core block building algorithm using candidate sets.

Murch and Clara discuss:

  • Building a valid block 101 (5:45)
  • The current getblocktemplate algorithm (11:35)
  • Child pays for parent (13:40)
  • Is there something better? (15:45)
  • How easy would it be to guess the next block? (27:25)
  • Do we have a better idea than initially mining an empty block? (29:25)
  • Empty blocks and SegWit (33:45)
  • How to improve on the candidate set algorithm e.g., linear programming (35:00)
  • Why should Bitcoin Core have better block building? (37:00)
  • How to compare different block building techniques (38:55)

Thanks to Caralie for the sound engineering.