The Chaincode Podcast brings you interviews with the most influential Bitcoin engineers about Bitcoin protocol development.

This podcast is deliberately technical! We’ll talk to engineers and researchers about the Bitcoin protocol and the Bitcoin development process. All episodes will include show notes with links for further reading. Anyone interested in Bitcoin should be able enjoy and learn from the show.


Adam Jonas cohosts the podcast and is Head of Special Projects at Chaincode. He organizes our residencies, runs our sponsorship and outreach programs, and is in charge of hiring.

Mark “Murch” Erhardt cohosts the podcast and is a Research Engineer at Chaincode. He writes and reviews code, and helps with Bitcoin Optech and other educational activities.

Caralie Chrisco produces the podcast and is People Operations Manager at Chaincode. She works with Jonas on hiring and employee experience, and organizes our events.


The Chaincode Podcast is recorded at Chaincode Labs in New York City.

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