0xB10C – Tracepoints and monitoring the Bitcoin network

We catch up with 0xB10C about monitoring pools and tracing code execution in nodes.


Our topics:

  • What he’s been up to since the residency (1:05)
  • Monitoring the mempool (2:52)
  • Monitoring Mining pools (4:27)
  • User-space Statically Defined Tracing (USDT) (11:07)
    • Tracing Readme
    • Using tracepoints to simulate coin selection (13:36)
    • Why are tracepoints in production code? (14:38)
    • Using tracepoints for P2P monitoring (17:05)
    • Using tracepoints to review PRs (22:00)
    • Benchmarking Erlay with USDT (22:42)

Other resources:

Thanks to Emily Kee for the sound engineering.